Saturday, November 7, 2015

Today in Our Fall Garden #GardenCuizine #gardenchat

Today in Our Fall Garden
South Jersey

Our unseasonably warm weather (77 deg F) has convinced a purple iris to bloom today! Even our creeping geranium and summer hanging baskets are still blooming away. The tulip and maple trees are not so convinced, though; their leaves continue to fall to the ground as fast as winter snow. 
Cannas and dahlias bordering our veggie garden show signs of dying down too. Soon we'll be digging up the tubers to store them for the winter. I hope to do better with dahlias next year - this season was not that great. Our best blooms were from red and yellow Show 'n Tell.

Garden for Wildlife
Just a few days ago our backyard neighbor had at least 5 deer peering over our fenced yard and garden! We welcome all wildlife and just wish they had more woods and undeveloped habitat areas. I saw the youngest dead on the road the next morning and always feel so sad to see animals hit by cars.

Just before watching all those deer, we saw a ground hog scamper up one of our wooden garden gates. He climbed right to the top, then hung his body over the gate, front legs dangling down. After a few long minutes, he dropped down into the garden. So it appears we have a resident ground hog that wasn't deterred by the fence. 

But, like us, not one of the critters seems interested in the remaining long, red Italian peppers that are still clinging to a few plants. 

Attention Seed Savers
Now is the time to collect as many seeds as possible before they drop to the ground. Some of my favorites include Jobs Tears, Coronado Hyssop, Coral Nymph and Lady-in-Red Salvias, which are actually still blooming!

Enjoy this beautiful Fall weather while you can. Cool, more seasonal air is sure to be here soon.
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