Sunday, June 21, 2020

Social Distancing between me and Mom...Really? @GovMurphy NJ Nursing Homes need testing of visitors too

Our Heartbreak Continues
We Love You Mom, Grandma, 
Aunt June, Sister, Best Friend

My dear mother has been lying alone without family by her side during this COVID19 pandemic (108 days, but who's counting!). She has only been able to hear my voice once since March 5th. and that was when I was able to get by her bedside at an emergency doctor visit. 

Our attempt for a virtual visit failed. The staff couldn't get her attention to look at the camera - she is extremely hard of hearing and didn't hear a word I said. Mom isn't a good candidate for virtual visits. Although, we are going to try again this afternoon. It failed again because she was sleeping through it.

Today, NJ nursing homes were allowed to reopen. Yay! Thank you Governor Phil Murphy. Nursing Homes, like other business, are required to follow strict rules for COVID19 precautions. 

One rule that I'm struggling with in particular is the fact that we will have to socially distance and stand six feet away from her. Six feet from Mom? Really? You're kidding right? She is practically deaf. Plus, after all this time isolating her from us, she has become lethargic and is now sleeping most of the time.

This is happening across the country as families struggle to cope and deal with having loved one(s) in a nursing home. Reopening with the rule of keeping family six feet apart seems cruel and unfair; especially to those with dementia and/or whom are deaf or have poor vision and eyesight or are bedridden. Our seniors need their loving family up close and safely by their side now before they die.

In my opinion, we can all still keep safe during outdoor visits with masks on. If the visitors could be tested on the spot, wouldn't that eliminate the need for a social distancing policy? Testing, testing, testing can solve so many COVID19-related problems. 

Thank you nursing home healthcare workers. 

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Friday, June 19, 2020

Growing Turmeric #GardenCuizine Antiviral and Inflammation fighting qualities in Curcumin

Growing Turmeric

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) grows well in pots. Years ago I planted a fresh piece of rhizome that I purchased at Whole Foods and have enjoyed growing turmeric ever since. New growth shoots up in June displaying signs of life as it leafs out for another season. 

At the end of the growing season, the leaves die down to dormancy through the winter. Fresh and dried Turmeric is available in markets. I mainly grow Turmeric as a tropical plant like ginger. I take it indoors every winter as we live in zone 7a.

Turmeric adds golden color and flavor and medicinal properties to foods and beverages; especially in Indian cuisine. Ground and dried Turmeric spice is a key ingredient in golden milk and curry blends. Turmeric has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda remedies. 

A health benefit comes from the active ingredient, Curcumin. Curcumin has been studied for having polyphenols that aide in fighting various conditions, including inflammation. 

Studies have shown that when Turmeric is combined with black pepper, health benefits are increased and made more bio-available to the body. 

Other studies have shown that Turmeric has antiviral qualities. No peer reviewed studies are out yet to show if Turmeric has any effect on novel Coronavirus, but none-the-less, maybe we'll be adding more Turmeric to our diet. Turmeric Latte anyone?

Happy Gardening and Healthy Cooking!

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