Sunday, June 27, 2021

@BurlCoNJ Burlington County Community Gardens #GardenCuizine @JerseyFreshNJDA Support your local Farmer's Market

Burlington County Farmer's Market is in full swing!

Beautiful summer weather to enjoy our first visit, since the pandemic, to support our local Farmer's Market. The 68-acre, former dairy farm, Burlington County Agricultural Center is located on Centerton Road in Moorestown NJ. Produce is sold every Saturday through October 30th.

The property is a working farm. You'll find everything from seasonal produce to farm animals, vendors with art, live music, pickles, eggs, cheese, soaps, you name it. There are even private parties and events that can be booked in their beautiful farmhouse and kitchen.

Check out a few other of my pics on Instagram.

Burlington County Ag Center has beautiful community gardens alongside the produce marketplace. Get a few steps in and enjoy your walk around. Each plot is fun to visit. 

The gardeners all take care in displaying their veggies, herbs and flowers in a creative fashion with garden art, gates, flags and signs. It always brings us joy to visit other peoples gardens. 

photo by Harry Wind

We enjoyed meeting Pete, a 90 year old Army Veteran retired from Lockheed Martin, covid survivor, 3 x's cancer survivor - now gardener! He was visiting his plot and other gardeners.

Hope to see you again soon Pete! We will be back to see what's growing and blooming.

Happy and Healthy Gardening!

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Sunday, June 6, 2021

@PHSgardening Philadelphia Flower Show! Congratulations Harry!

Outdoor Philadelphia Flower Show!

This year's Philadelphia Flower Show brings Covid19 full circle for us. Last year the show was our last publicly attended event and this year it is our first outing since Covid19 precautions. And, this was the first time ever outdoor Philadelphia Flower Show in their 193 year history! The theme as shown in the above photo is "Habitat: Nature's Masterpiece".

Yesterday's 95 degree heat was strong. Hydration was much needed. At first we worried if we would even get in to the show. 

Our prepaid parking ticket didn't help; traffic was at a crawl for over an hour to get into the main lot as one lane only filed in. As we approached the entrance closest to the parking lot, the volunteers advised us that the side gate was closed and the only entrance in was the corner entrance. 

We walked with over 10,000 (they predicted 20,000 people/day and I assume since the day was split in AM or PM tickets that we were among 10,000) other people. We slowly but surely all made our way to the security entrance. The wait was long and looped around and took us another hour. 

Feeling hot and famished, the first thing we did was find the food pick up. We got our prepaid food but didn't see any tables to sit on. The staff at the food pick up had no suggestions and wished us luck to find a cool spot.

We ate our late lunch behind a beautiful potted border of plants on the concrete steps in a small portion of shade. The food tasted good.

Congratulations to Harry for having one of his photographs make the show! Mine didn't make the cut this year, but was thrilled for Harry. As always, we really enjoyed this portion of the show! 

I was surprised that a first place landscape was for a bamboo theme. Personally, I hope people don't buy and plant bamboo after seeing that exhibit. Bamboo may be native to China, but bamboo is invasive in the US. 

Areas we especially enjoyed were visiting vendors that included one of our favorite spots: Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve. We picked up a few native plants, which included Common Rush (Juncus effusus) and Wood Phlox (Phlox divaricata).

The heat of the summer is here. Enjoy the show! Look for cool places under trees and by the lake and if you go. FDR park is a beautiful place!

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Photos and Blog post Copyright (C)Wind. All rights reserved.