Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Cookies! Low-fat Anise Biscotti recipe #GardenCuizine

Low-fat, Low-sodium
Anise Biscotti
Unlike typical American cookies high in saturated fat, sodium and calories, these Italian Anise Biscotti cookies are better. Two 3-inch biscotti contain 58mg sodium, 2g total fat and only 98 calories. And, for those managing their blood sugar, two cookies are equivalent to one carbohydrate exchange (15g).

Grow your own Anise
I add a few teaspoons of anise seeds from our garden to the recipe. Anise (Pimpinella anisum) makes a wonderful addition to butterfly and cottage gardens. After the Anise blooms, the seeds can be gathered and saved for use in baked goods. Anise seeds add licorice flavor and texture to recipes like biscotti or pizzelles. Italian biscotti cookies are one of Mama's favorites!

If you make the biscotti 3-inches in size and dip the edges in dark chocolate, they make a welcomed addition to holiday and party cookie trays. The recipe was first published in 2008 in an article I wrote for Dave's Garden. 
Here is the link: Diana's Anise Biscotti
My recipe was inspired from a 1976 Anise Toast recipe published in the Van Sciver School Heritage Cookbook submitted by Sandra Pitoscia. Junetta Mehl, my mom, used to be an elementary school teacher at Van Sciver school in Haddon Township NJ.
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