Sunday, June 27, 2021

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Burlington County Farmer's Market is in full swing!

Beautiful summer weather to enjoy our first visit, since the pandemic, to support our local Farmer's Market. The 68-acre, former dairy farm, Burlington County Agricultural Center is located on Centerton Road in Moorestown NJ. Produce is sold every Saturday through October 30th.

The property is a working farm. You'll find everything from seasonal produce to farm animals, vendors with art, live music, pickles, eggs, cheese, soaps, you name it. There are even private parties and events that can be booked in their beautiful farmhouse and kitchen.

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Burlington County Ag Center has beautiful community gardens alongside the produce marketplace. Get a few steps in and enjoy your walk around. Each plot is fun to visit. 

The gardeners all take care in displaying their veggies, herbs and flowers in a creative fashion with garden art, gates, flags and signs. It always brings us joy to visit other peoples gardens. 

photo by Harry Wind

We enjoyed meeting Pete, a 90 year old Army Veteran retired from Lockheed Martin, covid survivor, 3 x's cancer survivor - now gardener! He was visiting his plot and other gardeners.

Hope to see you again soon Pete! We will be back to see what's growing and blooming.

Happy and Healthy Gardening!

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