Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanks @Healthykids for the Healthy Fun Thanksgiving #GardenCuizine @Kidseatright

Thanksgiving Veggie Dip
Turkey Appetizer

Thanks to social media and sites like Pinterest and Twitter, you can find fun, creative, ideas for all seasons. I spotted this colorful fella posted from Super Healthy Kids. I knew as soon as I saw it that I was going to try to make it for our adult dinner guests who are all kids at heart. 

My version of Mr. Pepper Turkey was quickly carved from a yellow bell pepper and stuffed with veggie dip made of hummus mixed with plain Greek yogurt. Kids would love to help make this.

His eyes were made from Cheerios and capers with a carrot slice for a beak and wattle. A green accent piece behind his head was made from a thin slice of acorn squash that I happened to have from preparing Baked Nutty for Thanksgiving.  

And, even though turkeys raised for Thanksgiving have mostly white feathers, this gobbler boasted colorful red and orange pepper feathers that were a good source of Vitamin A and high in Vitamin C.

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