Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Today in Our Garden #winterstormStella damaging ice #frozencherryblossoms #GardenCuizine @BurlcoTimes

Today in Our Garden
Ice Storm Stella
I'd much rather be enjoying the Philadelphia Flower Show right now instead of watching ice topple branches from our pines and shrubs. We prepared for winter storm Stella, a predicted mid-Atlantic nor'easter, but instead of getting 8 to 12-inches of snow, we got much worse - damaging ice. 
Stella's ice has coated everything. Cherry blossoms and pussy willow blooms are completely encapsulated in ice. 
We even had the local Fire Department stop by earlier to remove huge, fallen white pine branches that had landed onto the road. The wrath of this storm may still not be over. Flurries are still falling, ice is not melting and I can hear the wind howling as I'm typing.
The white pines dropped more branches than I can ever remember. The sound of cracking and breaking branches could be heard in our yard and echoing throughout the neighborhood. 

When I strolled around the yard with my camera to survey the damages, I noticed one pine had completely uprooted and tipped over, laying alongside the veggie garden.
lots of pine cones on this uprooted pine tree
there is not supposed to be a tree along side this garden fence!
It is hard to believe that Spring is less than one week away from this cold, wind and ice.
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