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#NationalNutritionMonth St. Patty's Cooking Class @InspiraHN enjoyed GREEN foods! #NNM #SaladinaJar

National Nutrition Month®
Cooking Class
Thanks to all who attended Inspira Health Network's National Nutrition Month® Cooking Class in Vineland, New Jersey today. The class focused on vegetarian green foods. 

It warmed my heart to chat with a woman who remembers my health food store and restaurant that was my pride and joy for over a decade! I really enjoy meeting people who remember The Garden - Garden of Eden.
Inspira's cooking class featured GREEN foods in celebration of National Nutrition Month® and St. Patrick's Day. Our menu included a Shamrock Salad featuring blanched asparagus, snap peas, snow peas, shelled edamame, chopped celery, fresh arugula and baby spinach. The Shamrock Salad Dressing was a blend of: garlic, olive oil, rice wine vinegar, lemon juice and whole seed mustard.
Participants learned about nutrition and healthy cooking methods, such as blanching and steaming. Each person made their own Salad-in-a-Jar and tasted a variety of nutritious, green foods that included: steamed whole edamame pods with a green dressing made from avocado, spinach, olive oil, Greek yogurt, garlic, onion powder, lemon juice and salt and pepper. 

Diana Alvarado, RDN, CDE demonstrated how-to-make a green Salad-in-a-Jar. The technique is to start with the dressing on the bottom so the greens at the top remain fresh and crisp.

The dietitian also showed the class how to prepare healthy Shamrock Shakes using coconut milk, avocado, spinach, vanilla extract, fresh mint leaves, banana and ice.

It was interesting to learn more about Mason Jars and the history that began in Vineland NJ thanks to John Landis Mason in 1858!

Special thanks to Inspira dietetic interns who helped us present this NNM cooking class.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 
Happy National Nutrition Month!
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