Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Seed starting for Summer harvest #GardenCuizine #NNM #NationalNutritionMonth #CSOWM

Veggie and Flower
Seed Starting 
for Summer Blooms 
and Harvest

National Nutrition Month, every March, is a great time to start growing veggies, herbs and flowers. Yesterday, we got some seeds started indoors, under grow lights, for our summer garden here in NJ USDA zone 7a. I'll post the germination time next to each plant as they germinate. It is not too late to start veggie, flower and herb seeds indoors for your garden too.

Typically I start seeds on St. Patty's Day, but this year I was side-tracked from the late season ice storm 'Stella' and studying for an exam to become a Certified Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management (CSOWM). 

I am proud to be among the first healthcare professionals in the US to qualify to test for the new Academy of Nutrition interdisciplinary credential. I took the 3-hour exam Friday and won't know the results for 6 to 8 long weeks. 

In the meantime, I'm happy to fit in some gardening and much needed yard clean up. Last weekend, we hauled a lot of tree limbs to the curb. Harry had a chance to use a newly purchased chain saw. We still have a fallen pine to deal with. Planting seeds was good therapy in dealing with the sadness of so much storm damage.

Around Mother's Day, after danger of frost, we will plant seedlings that were started inside, outside. Some of our seedlings will be added to our veggie garden; some will go in flower beds, some will be traded with garden friends and some will go into pots on our porch. Here is what we have started indoors under grow lights:
  1. Black Krim heirloom tomatoes - germinated ?
  2. Goldberg's heirloom tomatoes - germinated 4/3
  3. large yellow heirloom tomatoes (not sure of ID) - germinated 4/3
  4. Leslie's French Petit Moineau heirloom tomatoes - germinated 4/3
  5. Zebra heirloom tomatoes - germinated 4/2
  6. large red cherry - germinated 4/2
  7. Pomodoro San Marzano (seeds from Italy) - germinated 4/2
  8. Chianti Rose heirloom tomatoes- germinated 4/4
  9. Chocolate Cherry heirloom tomatoes (love these!) - ? plant again
  10. large red heirloom tomatoes (not sure of ID) - germinated 4/3
  11. Jamaican Hot Chocolate peppers
  12. Chiltepin peppers (they are super HOT, 100,000 Scoville, pea-shaped) 
  13. Coronado hyssop (love the smell; hummingbird favorite!) - germinated 4/4
  14. Salvia viridis 'Marble Arch Rose' - germinated 4/1
  15. 'Fragrant Cloud' Nicotiana
  16.  Hollyhock single pink
  17. Cardinal flower vine - germinated 4/7
  18. Capers (another try from seeds from a special visit to Cape Cod in 2013)
  19. Salvia fariosasa 'blue salvia'
  20. 'Lady in Red' salvia (must have for hummers!)- poor germination, try again!
  21. Coral Nymph salvia - germinated 4/1
  22. large white salvia
  23. Nepeta tall pink (seeds from a Dave's Garden swap in 2010)
  24. Amsterdam Seasoning Celery
  25. Italian basil - poor germination 4/6
  26. Black poppy 2012 - germinated 4/2
Seeds started indoors 4/1/17
  1.  Korean Hyssop - germinated 4/14
  2. Mina Lobata Spanish Flag - germinated 4/18
Seeds started indoors 4/9/17 
  1. Chocolate Cherry heirloom - germinated ?
 More started indoors 4/14/17
  1. Leslie's French Currant Tomatoes Petit Moineau- germinated 4/20
  2. Lavendar Breadseed Poppies
  3. Purple Majesty Millet
  4. Mexican Sunflower - germinated 4/19
... replanted 4/16
  1. Lady in Red - germinated 4/20
Seeds direct sown in veggie garden 4/9/17
  1. Arugula! Rucola seeds from Italy 
Happy Gardening! Stop back for updates!
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