Sunday, November 20, 2016

Today in Our Fall Garden #GardenCuizine #HappyThanksgiving

Today in Our Fall Garden
South Jersey 
USDA zone 7a (formerly zone 6b)
Yesterday felt like the last warm Fall day here in South Jersey. With the exception of red, orange and yellow, the blue, pink and pale colored Summer blooms are starting to look out of place - yet they'll continue to bloom until the first hard frost:
  • Salvias (Pineapple sage, Lady-in-Red, Coral Nymph, Black and Blue, Guaranitica), Cosmos, Firecracker plant (shown), trailing Abutilon (shown) and Nicotiana.  
Even Mom had a chance to sit and read the paper on the front porch while enjoying some fresh air and sunshine. 
And, what a difference a day makes; today became windy and 20 degrees cooler! 
Our gardens linger on and have not completely succumbed. Prolific red currant tomatoes and long hot peppers appear to glow against brown dying vines.

Once we get a killing frost we'll dig and store canna and dahlia tubers in peat moss to over winter as always.
Haven't the leaves been especially vibrant and beautiful this fall? Fall leaves make great compost when chopped up. A simple run over with a lawn mower will allow the leaves to return valuable nutrients to your grounds.
We wish you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving!

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