Saturday, November 26, 2016

Garden Greetings ~ Fountain love #gardenfountain #gardendream #gardenchat

From the Kitchen 
to the Garden
Thanksgiving was a day for the kitchen, today was a day for the garden. How do you like my priorities? Kitchen-Garden.
Today we unpacked (or I should say, the guys from the Garden Center unpacked...) our long awaited for 3-tier fountain! It was worth the wait. What a nice surprise for it to arrive Black Friday weekend.
I'm not crazy about the fake crack design on both sides of the base. Of course, in the Massarelli's catalog the crack was not shown; but even so, I'm still in love. A 300+ pound concrete fountain is something a garden girl can get excited over! Mom even got up to take a peak at this fabulous water feature being installed.
Hopefully the temperature here in South Jersey will be above freezing for this coming week, but I know that pretty soon we'll have to drain the water and patiently wait until springtime to  hear the waterfall sounds again.

And, as for the caryopteris shrub that was in that spot? Well, after we dug it up it easily pulled apart into several clumps; three were added to the butterfly garden and another got planted nearby our rain barrel.

Garden Greetings!

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