Sunday, April 17, 2016

How-to-Build Your Own Garden Raised Beds #GardenCuizine #gardenchat #doityourself

How-to-Build Your Own 
Garden Raised Beds

Yesterday, Harry made another raised bed to replace the rotted ones that we ordered online. They are quick and easy to make; he is making more today. We could have saved money if we made our own in the first place. Well, we did make our first two, or I should say - Mom made them! She built two, really sturdy raised beds years ago and then as our garden grew we added several more raised beds that we ordered online. 

We decided to keep the design simple and low cost using just one, single-panel on all sides. If you wanted your raised beds deeper, just increase the height of your corner pieces to allow for as many additional slats of wood desired.  

Also, you could increase the thickness of the panels from 1x6 to 2x6 and use 4x4 corners; but beware, that increases the cost and the weight! You can make your raised beds any size you want. Here's how we built our 5-ft x 6-ft, single-panel raised beds:

Supplies Needed to build one raised bed
4, 1x6, 8-ft treated wood panels (cost: we paid $5.57 ea at Home Depot)
1, 2x4,- 8 ft treated wood for the corners (we paid $4.17)
16, 2-inch galvanized deck screws

Equipment Needed
Wood saw
Electric screwdriver
Drill and drill bit
Clamps (optional- a handy tool if you want to build it alone)

Putting it all together

Saw the wood: 7-inches long for four corners; two, 5-ft long and two 6-ft long panels
Drill 2 holes per panel on each corner
Add screws to hold together
Move to desired location and fill with soil

Happy Gardening!
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