Thursday, April 14, 2016

English Ivy dermatitis. Looks like Poison Ivy! #gardenchat #allergicreaction

English Ivy Dermatitis
Well, it looks like I'm headed to the doctor tomorrow to get a professional look at my severe reaction to English Ivy. Too awful to post a photo of it on a food blog. Trust me, it's terrible! It started out as a few raised bumps on my skin and then it erupted into an awful mess. Now my skin is red, raw and oozing. It turns out that some people react to English Ivy the same way as they do to Poison Ivy. Lucky me! The moral of the story...wear gloves while pulling out English Ivy.

Update: 5/2/16 - well, now I'm not 100% sure it was English Ivy Dermatitis after all. I have noticed that we do indeed have poison ivy popping up in the area with the English ivy... in any case, in all my life of avid gardening I've never had poison ivy. I had no idea it was so bad.

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English Ivy Dermatitis

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