Monday, January 25, 2016

@birdsblooms Peanuts are for the Birds! #GardenCuizine #Blizzardof2016 #Jonas

"More Peanuts Please"
chirps our Backyard Wildlife
As people were racing to and from food markets in preparation for winter storm Jonas, backyard birds and animals were racing around too. Along with electric water bowls, our NJ Certified Wildlife Habitat provides food and shelter, including seeds and nuts for nourishment during the winter. This is especially important when the ground becomes snow covered making seeds scarce. Peanuts were a popular treat before and after the blizzard. 
We expected to attract squirrels and Blue Jays, but were very surprised to see small-sized titmouse birds fly off with peanuts too! According to Birds and Blooms Magazine and PennState Extension, peanuts attract a variety of birds including: Jays, Titmice, Nuthatches, Chickadees and Woodpeckers.

Peanuts provide energy yielding unsaturated fat and protein, which helps some critters and birds survive the winter. 

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Unknown said...

How timely, Diana!
I just got a big bag of bird food today. I chose a 'patio mix' which has peanut chips, shelled sunflower, and shelled millet. I felt sorry that I gave the birds a hard time by only giving them safflower during the storm. I think they'll be delighted with the new choice.
I usually only do safflower because many of my birds do seem happy with it, and squirrels do not like it. (evil grin)

GardenCuizine said...

Hi Sally! sounds like your birds will be delighted too! Since our 20-inch snowfall, every day I put out a handful of peanuts in the shell and the squirrels and birds are quick to enjoy them :)

Today, our local news reported that wild Turkeys are becoming a nuisance in Burlington County and they plan to trap and I assume kill them (like they did with geese and foxes)... It makes me so sad to hear of the intolerance most people seem to have regarding wildlife of any kind.