Monday, June 23, 2014

Is Your BMI above 30? Do You Skip Breakfast and/or Lunch? #GardenCuizine @eatright

Eating "...takes my time away"
"I'm not hungry during the day"
I hear these quotes on a daily basis from obese adults. Out of over one thousand obese individuals that I've counseled to date, I can attest that the majority do not eat breakfast and/OR lunch. Why is that? 

I'm noticing the same trend with obese adolescents. In fact, studies have associated weight gain with increased fast food intake and skipping breakfast in adolescents as they transition into adulthood.

To make up for the calories missed, those who skip breakfast and lunch eventually eat and often end up over compensating and overeating even greater calories than a healthy breakfast and lunch would have provided.

Eating about every four hours fuels the body. Participating in physical activity increases lean muscle and boosts metabolism to burn more calories. Eating a portion controlled breakfast, lunch and dinner provides nutrition and energy for work, play and daily activities.

For meal planning and weight management support consult a registered dietitian nutritionist. If you're struggling with binge-eating be sure to discuss it with your doctor. 

Make time to eat right
  • Food is important
  • Food is Fuel
  • THINK Food Groups
  • Plan ahead
  • Avoid Fast Foods
  • Portion Control
  • Select Quality Foods for Better Health
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