Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Black Bears in South Jersey @NWF cheers to Coexisting with Wildlife!

Our Yard is a 
Certified Habitat for Wildlife
Black Bears are Wild all right

Black bears are expected in the Adirondack Mountains in New York, and in areas of Northern New Jersey, but in South Jersey backyards? Last year was the first time I thought about black bears in New Jersey after we had a bear cut through our yard! The police shouted through their mega phones to Harry and me, "Get in the house, a bear is in your yard!" 

Today, since we've had another black bear strolling around the corner here in Mt. Laurel, NJ the past few days, it seems appropriate to post this video about black bears in the Garden State. For communities to coexist with bears, education is key. Check out the below video to learn more about black bears. 

Remember, feeding black bears is illegal in NJ and NY. We let our bird feeders go empty during these past few days with the bear in town.

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