Saturday, October 26, 2013

Energizing breakfast or brunch: Peppers and Eggs #GardenCuizine

Add Nutrition to your scrambled
egg breakfast with
Sweet Banana Frying Peppers

Low sodium, low fat, Sweet Banana Frying Peppers in scrambled eggs adds great flavor and an excellent source of dietary Fiber and Vitamins B6, C, and K to your recipes. Sweet Banana Peppers also provide a good source of potassium and vitamin A. Enjoy this tasty, easy way to add veggies to your breakfast.

GardenCuizine Peppers and Eggs freestyle recipe: meaning that you do not need to measure ingredients. Use as many eggs or Egg Beaters that you wish to use to serve the number of guests coming for breakfast or brunch. Figure on at least one sweet banana pepper per person.

Eggs* (we prefer free range organic or Egg Beaters. *You can use tofu for a vegan option)
Sweet Banana Frying Peppers (nothing beats organic home grown)
Olive oil
fresh herbs as desired  (add turmeric in scrambled tofu)
ground black pepper at the table; no need for added salt
  • Wash peppers first
  • Cut in half and remove seeds
  • Place in microwave safe container with a little water and steam for 1-2 minutes on high
  • In a skillet with a generous amount of olive oil, saute, continuously stirring so peppers don't blacken
  • Remove and set aside cooked peppers, drain excess oil
  • Add Egg Beaters or scrambled eggs to skillet
  • At the very end of cooking the eggs, stir in cooked peppers
  • Serve hot and enjoy!
GardenCuizine Sweet Banana Peppers Nutrition data: 4 medium (4 ½-inch long) sweet banana frying peppers: 48 calories; 0.8g total fat (1%DV); 24mg sodium (1%DV); 8g dietary fiber (32%DV); 624 IU vitamin A (12% DV); 17.6 mcg vitamin K (22%DV); 0.8 mg vitamin B6 (40%DV); 152 mg vitamin C (253%DV WOW!!); 472 mg potassium (13%DV)
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