Sunday, March 8, 2020

Enjoyed our Riviera Holiday at the Philadelphia Flower Show #FlowerShow

Philadelphia Flower Show 2020
Riviera Holiday

Enjoyed our Riviera Holiday at the Philadelphia Flower Show yesterday, despite the fears of the Corona Virus starting to close in on us. The French Riviera located south of France runs along the Mediterranean Sea. Yes, the beautiful coastline from the same Mediterranean region that made the Mediterranean diet the healthiest diet in the world!
Port Norris Sunset - South Jersey Wetlands - photo by Diana Wind
We couldn't wait to see my photograph in the photography exhibit! It is an honor to be selected by the judges to be in the show. There were a lot of people enjoying all the photos.
As always, there is never enough time to see everything. The displays featured a lot of rosemary, thyme, lavender, salvia, lemon and lime trees. 
I especially loved all the pergolas, mosaics, stone, terra cotta and pottery seen throughout the show.
The PHS Flower Show paid tribute to the late Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco. A replica of Princess Grace's wedding gown was featured in a garden display adorned with roses in all shades of pink.
We were hoping to see the butterfly exhibit, but the wait was 45 minutes so we did not get to see it yet again. Oh well... maybe some other time.

Next years show sounds wonderful, "Habitat". My kind of theme. I imagine it will feature native plants suitable for pollinators such as butterflies and bees.

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