Monday, September 23, 2019

Nature photography on my Birthday! #gardencuizine where oyster harvesting made history

photo by Diana Wind
Discover Port Norris New Jersey

After the oyster industry crashed and most of the rich moved away, Port Norris, NJ became one of the the poorest areas in the state. But in terms of nature's riches, Port Norris wins the gold for the best sunsets, the best grasses and the best salt marshes.

The more times I visit Port Norris, the more I love it. We went last night to walk along the wetlands and photograph the sunset. We parked the car in the lot at Bayshore Center at Bivalve and walked over to the trails.

There are miles of walkways along parts of the 4,000 acres of restored wetlands. It's peaceful there. Only one other person passed us on our walk; he was riding a bike. 

The grasses were taller than we remembered from our last visit with the Monarch Family Success Center group. We could hardly see the old oyster shack that Harry took a photo of the last time.

We walked along the path to the Maurice River and stopped to watch the birds catching fish. We decided the best area to photograph the sunset was closer to the largest observation platform. We walked back along the crushed shells.

The sky was blue and clear. Almost too clear for interesting photographs. Not a cloud in the sky - just birds, lots of birds. I can see why the area attracts bird enthusiasts. As the sun began to set, a warm glow spread across the entire salt marsh. As you can see, the sunset was breath taking.

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