Friday, October 26, 2018

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Today in Our Garden

In our gardens we have lots of birds diving in for the purple, Callicarpa beautyberries and seeds from native plants. Bluejays, squirrels and chipmunks visit daily for their feed of peanuts. And, since we haven't had a killing frost yet, we still have Lady in Red, Coral Nymph and Black and Blue salvias, along with dahlias, cannas, asters, zinnias, cleome, agastache, cardinal climber vine and coleus blooming; they sure won't last much longer. 
Dahlia - Mingus Philip Sr
Dahlia - Southern Belle

Our new pink dahlias weren't as large as I had hoped, but were beautiful none-the-less.
Under the grow lights we have a few flats of assorted coleus cuttings. Nearby, on the same shelves, sit the last few containers of fermenting tomatoes for saving the heirloom seeds.

I feel for the domestic cats stuck outside. Feral and stray cats struggle outdoors with all this recent damp, chilly weather. More cold rain is headed our way tomorrow. A sign in our great room says, "We Always Have Room for One More Cat." The sad truth is, we don't. If you do, adopt/rescue a furry friend asap!! Rescuing a cat from a shelter or from your own backyard is so rewarding. You will be blessed with purrs and loves forever for saving your cat(s) from a challenging life of parasites, cold, sickness and starvation.

Once we get a killing frost we will dig up the dahlia and canna tubers as usual. 

I did plant a few new fragrant peonys a few days ago that we got from White Flower Farm: Eden's Perfume and Moonstone. What's happening in your garden?

Happy Fall and planning your 2019 gardens!
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