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Nutrition Data - Cabbage
All your food and beverage choices matter! Go further with your food selections by eating foods that are nutrient-dense. Nutrient-dense foods provide superb nutrition. Eating a healthy diet helps maintain a healthy body weight and reduces the risk of chronic diseases. 

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, vegetable consumption is lowest among boys ages 9 to 13 years and girls ages 14 to 18 years. But, in all ages vegetable consumption is below recommendations. Vegetables contain many important nutrients. Cabbage provides many nutrients, including:  
  • Vitamin C for a healthy immune system. 
  • Folate, which is especially important during pregnancy to prevent birth defects. 
  • And, plant sterols that help keep cholesterol within normal limits.
Pediatricians are referring more and more children to dietitians because of abnormal lipids (fats) in the body. Common causes are either genetics, or even more often obesity - more than any other risk factor.*

Many adults and kids are deficient in adequate dietary fiber from plant foods. Dietary fiber is a nutrient to get more of. Soluble fiber in particular, has been shown to lower bad (LDL) cholesterol. Cabbage provides both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber and can easily be added to foods and snacks that your family will enjoy.

Check out my recipe for homemade sauerkraut (link below). What kind of cabbage is your favorite? What are your favorite ways to serve cabbage? 

GardenCuizine Nutrition Data Cabbage: 1 cup chopped (89 grams) - 22 calories, 0g fat, 2.2g dietary Fiber (9% DV), 33 mg Vitamin C (54% DV, WOW!), 68 mcg Vitamin K (86% DV), 38 mcg Folate (10% DV), 10 mg beneficial plant sterols

Excellent Source: Vitamin C, Vitamin K
Good Source:  Folate

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