Saturday, June 4, 2016

NJDA to NJAND logo selected #eatright @EatRight_NJ

NJDA to NJAND logo contest
New Jersey Dietetic Association to 
New Jersey Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Today, the new NJ Dietetic Associations logo was revealed. I am proud that mine was among the 6 logos that were submitted and featured for voting at the NJDA annual meeting. My design was not chosen by their Executive Board. Instead, they selected a submission that suddenly appeared (late due to an email error..?...). It was not any of the featured logos at the meeting that were voted on by the members.

About me  
My background includes owning a health food store and restaurant for over 10 years and working for many years as an entrepreneur in the printing and advertising business. I’ve created many corporate logos and designs in the past, including my own logo for Emco Printing and Advertising, Inc that featured a seagull in the center of EM and CO, which stood for Mehl Company, my maiden name. An EM is a unit of measurement in type. I loved that logo; we featured it while serving the tri-state region of NJ, PA and Delaware for over a decade. I always felt flattered when people asked us if we were a franchise (because of our professional corporate image). 

MY NJ Dietetic Association DESIGN SUBMISSIONFor the NJAND logo I initially wanted to bring in an image featuring abundant produce to convey The Garden State. 
My first rendition included a photo taken in our garden featuring an abundant harvest of Jersey veggies and sorghum grain. NJ is a national top 10 producer of fruits and vegetables (top 5: cranberries, bell peppers, spinach, peaches, blueberries). Fruits and Vegetables are under consumed by Americans and as dietitians we encourage eating adequate portions from all the food groups. In my submission, the 1, 2, 3 in the NJ State outline represent NJAND’s 3 Regions.

As much as I really like rainbows it didn’t seem to represent the Association. The text didn’t seem to be strong enough so I reversed it to white and brought back the apple theme from their original logo (which, was established and unique with a bite off to the right side in the shape of the state of NJ; I really liked it and wonder why they wanted to abandon it). An apple is always a winning symbol for dietitians.My final version was to outline and enlarge the letters in NJAND so they were not lost in the apple. I used Photoshop 13. NJAND text: Century Regular. NJ text: Cooper Standard Black 

Attendees at the NJAND annual meeting voted on their favorite logos. 

Several weeks later, I received an email from the Association President informing me that the board received another design from someone who had email trouble getting it submitted by the deadline. Turns out the Board (not the members) voted on that one as their final selection. I like it too. Their new logo features a stock photo of a tomato - perhaps an heirloom Jersey tomato.

I wonder what logo the members voted for?

To see the new NJAND logo visit their Facebook page, website or Twitter.
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Note: above designs were for 2016 logo contest submissions only. They are not the logo being used by NJAND.

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