Monday, March 28, 2016

My first Fruit and Veggie Layer Cake! #SavortheFlavor #NNM #Easter #GardenCuizine

Fruit and Veggie Layer Cake!

Healthy food never tasted so good! In case you missed the Tweet I posted yesterday featuring pastel colored Salad Cakes, here are a few photos of my first Fruit and Veggie Layer Cake creation. What do you think? We enjoyed the festive cakes for Easter dinner.

This is one of my freestyle recipes. Sorry, I didn't have time to measure any of the ingredients to post an exact recipe. I can tell you that rather than serving the veggies raw, I decided to cook them tossed with a little egg whites as a binder. I seasoned the veggies with a little salt, herbs and spices before adding them to individual round baking dishes that were lightly coated with nonstick spray. 
The first layer was spiralized zucchini.
The Easter bunny suggested carrots as the next layer. The third layer consisted of thinly sliced red cabbage to add the Easter color purple. Cinnamon bread served as the base of each Veggie Cake.

Each cake was frosted with a blend of blueberries, extra firm tofu, low fat cream cheese and just a little stevia. The cakes were garnished with marinated radish and raw zucchini spirals.
Happy Easter!
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