Monday, February 15, 2016

Whole wheat Pizza Calzones anytime healthy #recipe not just for the Super Bowl

Whole Wheat 
Game Pizza Calzones

Homemade Pizza Calzones were a big hit for dinner during the game Super Bowl Sunday. Even Mom ate all of hers; she doesn't usually eat much bread. Her fingers could grip the soft whole grain meat pies filled with nutritious veggies and cheese. I had fun in the kitchen while our game watchers could keep their eyes on the game and eat - dipping their calzones into warm tomato basil pasta sauce.

I'd say making homemade pizza dough may be a little advanced for a beginner, but you should still give it a try. Making and working with dough is so much fun! Allow yourself preparation time. Dough is best when not rushed and allowed to rest and rise before baking. 

For years I avoided recipes that required making yeast risen dough until I learned how easy it was to make.
I spotted the recipe online and made just a few changes. We cooked lean, organically raised ground beef, but you could substitute other fillings. Also, our local Shoprite didn't have the Hodgson Mills brand called for in the recipe, so I substituted King Arthur.

I sauteed the beef and veggies separately and then combined.
We have a freezer full of sweet red garden peppers, so I chopped up and used one of them in with the mushrooms and onions. I used baby portobello mushrooms and added 1 teaspoon dried thyme.
Unlike the recipe I folded the dough over the filling, lined up the edges and pressed and crimped together firmly using two fingers.

Rather than baking the calzones right away, I allowed them to rest and rise under a linen towel. They were ready to bake when the dough no longer sprang back when pressed with a finger.
Just before baking, I brushed the tops with egg wash rather than oil. 

Click here for the recipe

note: these freeze great and make an easy, quick lunch or dinner on a busy day! 

Buon Appetito!

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