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Grilling Pineapple - Is it as simple as it sounds? #GardenCuizine @Fruits_Veggies #healthycooking

Grilled Pineapple
high in Vitamin C
Grilled pineapple adds sweet flavor to just about anything from entrees to desserts. Yes, grilling pineapple is as simple as it sounds. Simply rinse whole fruit, cut off ends and skin, rub with olive oil and grill. Pineapple is naturally sweet; so no added sugar is necessary. Savor the natural flavor of pineapple.

First select a pineapple from your local market. Very few of us are lucky enough to grow our own, but if you do - all the better! I'm envious. Pineapple plants are interesting and beautiful too. I've seen them growing when on display at the Philadelphia Flower Show.

To prepare pineapple for the grill first rinse the whole pineapple to remove any contaminants before you cut into it. A knife could press bacteria into the fruit.
Cut and remove both ends. Save the green part if using for decorating food displays. Slice the outer peel off then slice the pineapple into rings. I usually leave in the core during cooking to give the rings more stability when flipping them on the grill.
Lightly rub olive oil on the rings. Set aside on a plate until ready to grill.
Grill, then using a pineapple core gadget remove the circular hard core centers.

GardenCuizine Nutrition data Pineapple

Excellent Source Vitamin C and Manganese
Good Source Dietary Fiber, Thiamin and Vitamin B6
1 cup: 165g pineapple chunks: 82 calories; total fat: zero 0g; total Carbohydrate 22g; Dietary Fiber 2g (9% DV); Vitamin C: 79mg (131% DV Wow!!); Thiamin 0.1mg (9% DV); Vitamin B6: 0.2mg (9% DV); Folate: 29.7 mcg (7% DV); Manganese 1.5mg (76% DV); plus other nutrients

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