Sunday, July 13, 2014

Grow your own potatoes! #GardenCuizine

Growing Your Own Potatoes
~kitchen garden update~
Our organic russet Butte potatoes are now blooming away. As first discussed, seed potatoes were cut into pieces leaving an 'eye' on each piece and planted in trenches (June 9th). As the plants grew (June 27th), about 3 weeks later, the dirt was filled in; a process called 'hilling'.
The goal was to 'hill' the potatoes so more potatoes would grow. We planted ours in a raised bed, which made it difficult to hill the soil higher than the sides of the raised beds. The soil doesn't appear mounded, but since the seed potatoes were started low, in a trench, filling in the trench served as 'hilling'. We opted not to go any higher to avoid the soil rolling out of the raised bed. If the potatoes were planted at ground level we could have continued to mound up the soil. 

The top photo shows Butte potatoes in bloom. We're also growing 'King Harry' and my other favorite, 'Yukon Gold'.  When you grow your own - you can select from many different varieties. When you buy in a store - you are limited to whatever is available.

The potatoes will be ready to be dug up for cooking after the plants die. Check back for follow-up blog posts.
GardenCuizine Nutrition Data: Baked Russet Potato: 
Excellent Source: Potassium and Vitamin B6
Good Source: dietary Fiber and Vitamin C

1 small potato (138g): 4g Protein; 3g dietary Fiber (13% DV); 759mg Potassium (22% DV); 12mg Vitamin C (19% DV); 0.5 mg Vitamin B6 (24% DV)

Happy and Healthy Gardening!
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