Sunday, March 30, 2014

Another flat of seeds planted to celebrate #NNM #GardenCuizine

Another Flat of Seeds Planted
to Celebrate 
National Nutrition Month!

Now is the time to get seeds planted for your garden. Cold weather crops can go straight in the ground outside; plants that need warmer soil can be started indoors now. 

March and National Nutrition Month are coming to a close, but you can still celebrate this time of year by planting seeds indoors under lights or on a sunny windowsill to be planted out on Mother's Day. Get growing!

These assorted veggies and flowers can be started indoors; and if you're interested, check back to see the number of days to germination, which will be posted.
  • Italian Dandelion, Chicoriumintybus Magdeburgh (Chicory)
  • Foxglove Milk Chocolate
  • Nicotiana Dusty Rose: 9 days
  • Chianti Dianthus: 6 days
  • Amsterdam Seasoning Celery: 12 days
  • Burgundy Amaranth: 6 days
  • Lettuce Leaf 'Napolitano' Italian Basil: 7 days
  • Red Leaf Hibiscus 'Red Shield': 8 days (initial leaves will be green; red leaves leaf out in 19 days)
  • Turkish Eggplant (can't wait to grow these!): 9 days
  • Heirloom Tomato 'Cherokee Purple': 7 days
  • Tall Yellow McKana Columbine
  • 'Heavenly Blue' (4-inch blooms) Heirloom Morning Glory: 6 days
  • Amaranthus cruentus 'Hot Biscuits': 6 days
  • Madagascar Jasmine
Amsterdam Seasoning Celery (Apium graveolens) is an interesting aromatic kitchen herb grown for its sprays of glossy, celery-flavored leaves that can be used in every day cooking.

Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right!
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