Saturday, February 23, 2013

High Protein, Good Fiber Convenience Snack @kaysnaturals #glutenfree #wls

Product Review
Kay's Naturals Gluten-free 
Cinnamon Almond 
Protein Cookie Bites
We can't nibble on fruits and veggies all the time. Every now and then it is okay to indulge in convenience foods - only after reading the product label, of course! Nutrients in Kay's Naturals product line caught my attention for being gluten-free, low fat, and high in fiber and protein. And, the whole 1 ounce bag was under 150 calories.

Everyone in my family gave these protein bites a thumbs up, but we would not describe them as "cookies". They reminded us more like a cereal puff. Their stevia sweetened, cinnamon flavor is pleasant and their texture is light and crunchy. They can also be mixed with added nuts and dried fruit. 
  • This protein snack is suitable for those on gluten-free diets and for post-op weight loss surgery patients who have low sugar and higher protein needs. They are available online direct from Kay's Naturals or from many different online retailers. Other flavors include Cinnamon and Honey Almond.
Excellent source: Protein
Good Source: dietary Fiber and Iron

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