Friday, October 19, 2012

Time to Harvest Persimmons! South Jersey @EatRight #GardenCuizine @Fruits_Veggies


Persimmons appear ripe and ready-to-eat now in the Fall season. One of my coworkers, the person who brought us the delicious figs I wrote about, brought us our her South Jersey neighbor's latest backyard harvest yesterday - freshly picked persimmons. Have you ever tasted a persimmon?

Persimmons are one of those fruits that many people have yet to try. No one in my family had ever tasted a persimmon before. I only had two fruits to bring home, as luck would have it, I accidentally smashed one getting into my car on the way home from work! The other ripe persimmon made it home to our tasting table. Everyone loved its natural sweet flavor. 
To learn more about persimmons 
and their nutrition profile,
Read my Dave's Gardens article: Have You Tasted A Persimmon?
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