Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Garden is doing better than the @Eagles! Today in the Garden #GardenCuizine

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Today In Our Garden
South Jersey
USDA Zone 7a (formerly zone 6b)
September 23, 2012

Our fall garden is doing a lot better than the Eagles! Today was much cooler, but sunny and beautiful. The garden continues to produce tomatoes and peppers and is full of unripe green tomatoes and peppers. The race is on to see how many more ripen before our first frost. We were excited to see the CHIA blooming while hummingbirds are still around.

Shown in photo clockwise from top left to right: 
  • yellow Goldenrod
  • potted Plumera blooming! (we will soon bring the plant indoors because of cool evening temps)
  • Jersey tomatoes
  • Northern Lights Swiss chard
  • Sweet peppers
  • Shiso Perilla
  • King Harry potatoes
  • Italian basil
  • Tarahumara CHIA
  • Pepperoncini
Other blooms not shown include: Rosemary, Jerusalem artichoke, Job's Tears, Chiltepin peppers.

Happy and Healthy Cooking and Gardening! Tonight, Harry's cooking Potato Pancakes made using our homegrown organic King Harry potatoes (with added carrots).
Photo collage Copyright (C) 2012 Wind. All rights reserved.

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