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Salottolo Family Memories
by Junetta Salottolo Mehl

Mom's vignettes are posted as we get them from her. At 80 years old she has learned to use a computer! We've encouraged her to type her memories into a Word document. Her ongoing project has been to sort through old boxes of photographs and tell us about them. I encourage you to do the same with the elders in your family. Life story writing is a great activity for seniors. Buona lettura

post 3: A New Member of the Family

In the latter part of my fourth year, my mother decorated a bassinet. It was made of wicker and had four big wheels. She decorated it with white satin ribbon and bows. I had never seen anything like it. Then I remember she went away. A few days later my father took me to see her. But there was some commotion about whether I could go in. I got the feeling that I shouldn’t be there. But somehow my dad snuck me upstairs and I remember seeing this baby with big, big eyes. 

That was my introduction to my brother, Alexander. We call him Al, for short. I don't remember ever seeing my mother because my dad took me back down to the lobby of the hospital just as fast as he took me up to my mother’s room. And I’ll never forget those big brown eyes! 

Photos: Alexander's first Holy Communion. And Al home at Briggs Ave., Bronx, NY
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