Friday, May 28, 2010

Let’s Move to fight Childhood Obesity

First Lady’s Fancy Footwork 

Mrs. Obama's contagious enthusiasm inspires Americans of all ages to get up and move. In fact, while you view the video, why not stand up and move around?   

The First Lady kicked off the White House South Lawn Series on May 25, 2010, attracting nearly 100 local children and coaches to have fun and participate in sports and activities. Obama's clear message in the first of this series, was for children to get at least 60 minutes of activity a day and to spread the word to their families and friends to do the same.  

I’ve never seen an American First Lady wearing sneakers and running and exercising. Her fancy footwork reminded me of PE class moves I did in grade-school, back in the days when there was always time made for kids' gym and fitness classes. 

Exercise and Eating Right
Last year the White House debuted the WH Kitchen Garden, bringing national attention to local fresh fruits, vegetables and gardening, and as Michelle Obama said, "...It helped us start a conversation about eating right..."  

Eating right is one of the many things Registered Dietitians are able to help you do. The American Dietetic Association, with over 70,000 members, stands strongly behind First Lady Michelle Obama’s nationwide Let’s Move campaign to fight the childhood obesity epidemic.

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