Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Great tips for Watermelon

Great tips for Watermelon
Click Link to view Video: "Preparing Watermelon"

Watermelons are fairly inexpensive at the market. And as you know, the best buy in town is to grow your own. What happens after you grow or purchase watermelon? Where does it end up?

If you said, "In my stomach!" Good for you, that is where it should go, but many people, like us, may experience watermelon waste. For example, right now we have a whole sugar baby melon (for the third day) looking like a bowling ball, just sitting there wasting away on the counter top. It was too big to fit in the fridge.

Watermelons can have a way of ending up in large hunks, clear wrapped in the refrigerator for days, or whole, pushed into a corner on the counter top, while family members pass it by to nibble on other snacks. The video "Preparing Watermelon" (link above) perfectly sums up how to prevent the watermelon waste syndrome. Michael Marks (the produce man in the video) also demonstrates good knife skills, along with a good method for quickly slicing watermelon. The technique shown works well for cutting other melons too, such as cantaloupe and honeydew.

To be sure to get the healthy benefits of your fresh fruit, cut your watermelon into bite size portions as soon as it arrives in the kitchen. This will guarantee you and your family an immediate and healthful treat. The watermelon's nutrients will end up in your body and not in your compost pile!

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by Diana Wind

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