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Classic Italian Pomodoro Sauce

Pomodoro Sauce
Classic Italian Pasta Sauce
Treat your family to the best sauce around -- yours!
Italian Regional Cuisine
In general, many sauces in northern Italy are based on dairy, with a lot of butter used. You’ll find more olive oil and tomato sauces in southern Italy, with more of a Mediterranean style to the cuisine.

Shapes paired with sauces
Pasta shapes are often paired with sauces. Creamy, robust sauces are best served with macaroni or fettuccine and thick chunky sauces, such a Bolognese is best served with shells or ziti. Thin pasta strands like angel hair, spaghetti or linguine are best served with a sauce like this -- a classic Pomodoro (Tomato) Sauce.

We make red sauce weekly and never seem to grow enough large tomatoes in our garden for the volume of sauce we consume, so we use canned San Marzano peeled plum tomatoes. The best San Marzano tomatoes are grown in Italy. If you have better luck than we do with homegrown tomatoes, by all means turn them into Pomodoro sauce. Baskets of tomatoes, 'seconds', or really ripe tomatoes from farm markets are another option too.

Pomodoro sauce is low in sodium and fat and is a source of Dietary Fiber and Iron. Pomodoro sauce is also an excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin K.

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