Thursday, June 18, 2009

Soups On

I’m helping out again at an advanced food production facility in North Jersey. One of their customers placed a sign last summer for all to see, outside of the'll never guess who it was? It was The Original SoupMan. The “SoupMan” was the guy who inspired the famous “Soup Episode” on Seinfeld. You may remember the actor, Larry Thomas, who portrayed him in a scene - pointing his finger at George while shouting, “No Soup for you!”

The Seinfeld episode was based on "SoupMan", Al Yeganeh, and in real life local New Yorkers and tourists used to wait for hours for his crab bisque, jambalaya or mulligatawny soups. (Remind me to post a recipe for mulligatawny soup, it's really good. I made it for the first time while interning at Tavistock Country Club).

Mr. Yeganeh founded “Soup Kitchen International”, that was located at Eighth Avenue and 55th Street in New York City in 1984. So the "SoupMan" was based on a real man after all. When I took a look at his website, I found the people associated with this heck-of-a-soup cooking guy, are not mean at all. They have supported over the years, a charity dear to my heart, feeding the hungry.

The SoupMan franchise has grown to include restaurants and retail locations in NY, NJ, PA, RI, SC, NC, TX, FL, DC and locations throughout the USA . For more information visit

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