Monday, August 29, 2016

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Adirondack Hiking with Harry
and Artist adventures 
Posting reflections on yet another fabulous summer vacation in the Adirondack Mountains with Harry. Between canoeing and hiking, we packed in lots of physical activity. And, this year we especially enjoyed meeting artists in Saranac Lake.
First things first: We drove to Racquette River Outfitters in Tupper Lake and traded in our very heavy, red, 1993 Old Town canoe for a much lighter, mustard yellow, 16-foot kevlar, Adirondack We-no-nah canoe. After a trial paddle, Harry gracefully fell into the lake (he was okay) - that didn't stop us from buying the new canoe!

The Wenonah was not as stable in the water as our Old Town, but the trade-off for a lighter weight was important to us. We ended up canoeing more this vacation because the canoe was easier to get on and off our car. Thanks Anne and Casi!
almost at Cascade's summit
We got in a few hikes this vacation too. Our first warm-up, fun climb was Baxter Mountain (first photo). The second hike rewarded us with a 360 degree view at the top of Cascade Mountain - said to be one of the easiest Adirondack high peaks to climb (check out my video posted on Instagram). 
Cascade Mountain summit : 4.8 mile round trip : 4,098' elevation : Ascent 1,940'

There were a lot of people on Cascade's trail. Luckily we timed it later in the day and avoided groups and early bird hikers.
Jones Pond, Saranac Lake, NY
Besides hiking and canoeing, we always stop by an Adirondack Farmers Market - this time in Saranac Lakes. This year we also ventured away from the more touristy Lake Placid area and got to know and appreciate artists throughout Saranac Lake. 
Great Blue Heron - Jones Pond, Saranac Lake, NY
Along the scenic roadsides we drove past artists sitting or standing with their easels and painting. We later discovered their works displayed at The Adirondack Plein-Air festival, which we visited in Saranac Lake on our way home. Cynthia Rosen was among the many artists whose work we admired. We liked the texture and colorful art she created using oil paints and a palette knife. The festival attracted artists from around the country.

In Saranac we strolled in and out of galleries. We especially enjoyed meeting and touring Mark Kurtz's photography studio. He has taken many impressive photos for Adirondack Life Magazine. 
La Tartine Mediterranean (hummus, zucchini, peppers) at Left Bank Cafe, Saranac Lake, NY
Another highlight for us was lunch at the Left Bank Cafe. After lunch, we took a stroll around the block to check out a local garden center (...yes, I seem to have a built in honing device to find garden centers in any-town USA!!). And, just before the garden center we spotted an art studio tucked behind lots of pink echinacea and tall, cheery yellow sunflowers.  

We stopped in to browse and met Cris Winters, artist and owner of Art at the Pink House. Cris showed us her studio and the recent fiber creations she was making using botanical leaves and natural dyes on fabric. Click here to visit her blog and learn more about her art.

I'm sure some of you want to hear more about the Adirondack FOOD. We are foodies at home and when we go on vacation, I try not to take too many food photos; but we did take a few and we do have our favorite restaurants. How about you? If you visit the Adirondacks, where do you like to stay and what restaurants do you recommend? We know there is much more to discover.
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